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Construction of an equine race sport facility

Planning office for equestrian centres

Facilities for the racing sport should provide a perfect environment for horse and equestrian, in order to offer the best possible training opportunities to achieve the optimum results. If you are planning to construct such a facility for the equine race sport or if you want to convert your existing operation according to your measures and needs, we, as an experienced planning office, gladly assist you along the way.

If it is about the administrative burden of such a construction project or if you wish planning of your equine race facility, we are the right fit for you. You can confidentially place your project into our hands. Training stables, training tracks, event tracks with stands, a leading ring, paddocks, a totalisator building and catering are components of an equine race track.

We are able to realise the optimum training possibilities and ideal installations of the race sports facility. Please feel free to contact us directly, we support your concerns to your full satisfaction.