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Establisment and construction of an intensive training centre for the equine sport

Training stable for horse and equestrian

Are you planning on establishing an intensive training centre for the equine sport? You do not have to manage such an extensive construction project with all its special features all by yourself. With the assistance of EQUUS DESIGN PLANUNG, you can turn your dream project into reality. During a first consultation on-site, we plan the first steps, set goals, and are able to match the local conditions with your demands and wishes. These kinds of institutions are operated by umbrella organisations, state- and other associations and are often financed with public funds. Since the clients are only on-site for a few days or weeks a special infrastructure is needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the implementation of your construction project, we can certainly help along. It is our aim at all times, to have at the end of the project a contemporary, discerning equine race sport centre that meets your vison and which offers equestrians and horses all possibilities for a comprehensive training.