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Construction of horse clinics

Professional furnishing office

A new construction or conversion of a horse clinic imply several structural measures, that always one certain aspect is paramount: The optimum procedure of workflows for the best veterinary care of the horses. Yet it is to distinguish between a horse surgery, with the possibility to operate, and a horse clinic. A surgery carries out operations in the form of specific appointments but also performs challenging check-ups and treatments, which are not possible in a stable. Horse clinics are staffed around the clock and also conduct emergency care. These demand special requirements towards the room book and functions. The planning follows after a close consultation with the veterinaries. It is very common that specialisations need additional requiements.

Since our international planning- and furnishing office is specialised on the construction and renovation of riding facilities, we have all necessary planning steps in mind. If you need assistance with the realisation of your horse clinic, no matter at what point of your project. Please feel free to contact us.