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Regular building controls at equine businesses

Building progress of riding facility constructions

In order to keep an eye on a smooth procedure of the construction process of your equine- or stud premise, we conduct regular building controls. Thereby we never lose sight of the designs and plans of the project - from small details to the big picture. Our principles are always kept in mind: horse friendly, economical, & contemporary.

With regular checks, we can be sure that all work steps are compliant with the planning and are smoothly executed. In case of problems or discrepancies within the work steps, we are able to recognise and remedy these in time. It is our aim at all times, that you are satisfied with the completion of the project and that all important components which were already discussed during the planning are brought to reality.

As an experienced planning office for the construction of riding facilities, we gladly assist you with building controls and are by your side as a reliable partner. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any question regarding our services.