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Concept and visualisation of your riding facility

Illustration of the finished planning concept with the aid of 3D- models

Design planning for the construction of equestrian facilities

The design phase of an equine centre construction

The design phase shows, building on the master plan and the preliminary planning, the finished planning concept with all its components. Aim of the design planning is a harmonious and feasible planning concept, that regards all project specific problems. Lastly, the demands of horses (animal welfare), equestrians (convenient training opportunities) and operators (efficient workflow) should be equally taken into consideration. The design plans will be part of the building application.


Visualisation phase: 3D-models of riding facilities

In this phase the establishment of the planned building as a detailed 3D-model take place. These contain a pictorial representation of the outer surface made of photorealistic material- and lighting situations. In addition to that, is a scale of elements, such as humans, horses, and cars, integrated. Here we show you two examples of already realised 3D-model riding facilities.

3D-model of a stud premise for the breeding of precious, Spanish horses.

Not in Spain, but in the north of Germany, should be a stud premise for the breeding of precious Spanish horses established. The ambiance should emphasise the attitude towards life of the operators and the high class of the horses. All components of a classic main stud are given: Stallion station, mare keeping, coverage, rearing, training, and marketing have optimal conditions in the representative yet highly functional buildings. You can find the 3D-models underneath in the gallery.

3D-model of a riding stable for the higher dressage sport

On a very small property in the district of Oberberg with a profound slope should be a modern riding stable for the high-class dressage sport established. Aim of the planning was to integrate a compact design with farm like structures into the harmonic scenery. All components regarding the horse welfare and training, as well as the functional management, were taken into consideration. You can find the 3D-models underneath in the gallery.

Drafts and 3D-models of a riding facility planning

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