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Construction of a breeding- and training stable

Stable facilities for mares, colts and riding horses

Planning of stable facilities for the mare breeding

Stable facilities for mare breeding and the training of colts

We plan a riding stable for you

In the outskirts, a private breeding- and training facility should be established.

Components of mare keeping, colts rearing and training to a riding horse were defined within the room programme.

Every single area was provided with the optimum premises and installations. Yet, through the compact design, an operating entity arose, that adapts harmonically to the village character.

During the planning necessary, useful and innovative equipment features are considered and realised, such as:

• Track rooms
• Track room
• Facilities horse
• Washing room
• Horse walker
• Cleaning and paddock areas
• Irrigation systems
• Trough circulation

Impressions of the breeding- and training stable

Training stable for horses
Stable for training horses
Private breeding stable
Construction of a breeding stable
Construction of a training stable
Furnishing of equine stables
Training ground for horses
Training stables
Establish horse walkers
Private training stable