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Furnishing of a competition stable for the dressage sport

We plan a dressage riding stable for you

Reitstall für den Dressursport

Planung des Neubaus eines Turnierstalls für den Dressursport

Equestrian centre for dressage horses

At the foot of the French Alps, a competition stable for the dressage sport was built.

A particular challenge was the property itself. For the development was only a narrow stripe available, which was in also had a significant slope. The riding arena, flooded with light, with an affiliated casino and an employee flat form the core element of the equestrian centre. The stable area consists of 26 horse boxes, partly with exterior paddocks.


The logistic- and storage area connect directly to the stable. Functionality and aesthetics form a unity, that integrates harmonically into the scenery. A riding arena mirror enables a steady self-monitoring.

Impressions of a competition yard for the dressage sport

Equestrian centres for dressage horses
Dressage horses riding stable
Equestrian centres for dressage horses
Equine sport: Dressage
Dressage riding centres
Facility for the dressage
Equestrian centre for the dressage
Dressage horses
Facilities for the equine dressage
Horse boxes within a dressage riding facility
Dressage- equine sport facility
Equestrian sport: Dressage
Horse dressage
Facility for the equine sport
Riding facility for the dressage sport
Dressage riding stable facilities