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Veterinary clinic for horses

Establishment and furnishing of a horse clinic with surgical technique

Design of a horse clinic

Design of a horse clinic with a surgical area

Veterinary furnishing for horses

In Padicovo, a region near Moscow, Russia, a veterinary clinic for horses should be established.

Most modern diagnosis and surgical technique are provided around the clock, at 7 days of the week. Emergency surgeries are possible, as well as agreed upon purchase investigations. All functional processes need therefore to be considered for the room planning and the constructional design. Meeting rooms, offices as well as lounges and relaxation rooms are available on the upper floor.

Impressions of the established horse clinic

Veterinary clinic for horses
Clinic vet
Veterinary clinic for horses
Construction of an equine clinic
Planning of an equine- veterinary clinic
Relaxation rooms in a horse clinic
Surgical rooms in a horse clinic
Clinic for equine treatments