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Planning and construction of a horse pension

Equine pension operation according to international standards

Equine pension facility

Facility for pension horses

Facility for pension horses

We were commissioned with the planning and processing of the construction of a horse pension. A modern and functional operation for 50 pension horses should be established.

The business is separated into three areas: Husbandry, training, and logistic. The arrangements of all sections guarantee functional procedures for the users and operators. Functionality, species-appropriate husbandry of the horses, professional training possibilities guarantees for success for a competitive operation.

Impressions of a horse pension

Pension-horse stable
Planning of a pension horse operation
Modern horse pension
Construction of a horse pension
Stable within a horse pension
Pension horse- stable
Equine pension operation
Facilities for pension horses
Pension business: Stalls
Stables for pension horses
Storage shed riding facility
Facilities for horses
Equine pension facilities
Pension operation: Horse facilities
Pension facilities for horses
Facilities for pension horses
Construction of a pension facility
Planning of Pension facilities
Riding arenas within an equestrian centre
Construction of riding arenas
Training and dressage facilities
Riding arenas and pension stables
Pension facilities with stables
Construction of stalls for pension horses
Equine-pension stables
Construction of equine stalls
Planning of equine stables
Pension operation: Horse stables
Planning of equestrian centres
Furnishing office for pension centres
Planning office for riding facilities in a pension operation