Specialized Planning

Planning and building in outdoor areas requires extensive participation by various specialist authorities. For the preparation of these specialist contributions, we have been working with very experienced partners for a long time. Since riding facilities and agricultural operations for keeping horses are generally examined very critically, a well-founded building application, which directly answers all these questions with its documents and attachments, is the basic prerequisite for a successful conclusion of the procedure.

These technical papers are frequently requested:


The accompanying landscape conservation plan (LBP) regulates the measures that become necessary in the case of a building project in an external area because interventions in nature and landscape are unavoidable. Intervention minimisation, protective and compensatory measures as well as replacement measures are presented in text and planning. The LBP is part of the planning application.
This is where we work together with renowned partner offices.


Fire protection refers to all measures that prevent the development or spread of a fire and enable the rescue of people and animals as well as effective extinguishing work in the event of a fire. The fire protection concept is part of the building application.
This is where we work together with renowned partner offices.


Horse farms in outdoor areas have to prove economic viability and operate profit oriented. Hobbies and hobbyism cannot be approved.
In the preliminary building application or the building application, the economic viability is checked by special authorities. A profitability calculation taking all factors into account can be prepared by your tax advisor or by one of our partner offices specialising in horse businesses.


Imissions are the effects of pollution, noise, radiation and other emissions on the environment. More and more frequently, an Imission report is required in the approval procedure. Elaborate measurements and computer-controlled processes graphically depict the additional burden on the environment caused by the horse farm.
Partner offices specialising in this field are available.


In the building industry, subsoil is the area of the ground that is important for the construction of a building. Properties such as load-bearing capacity, water permeability and the behaviour of the subsoil have a significant impact on the foundation and the infiltration of surface water.
In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we always recommend exploratory drillings as the basis for a subsoil expertise.


The construction of a riding facility will seal surfaces so that rainwater can no longer seep away. The responsible authorities require proof of the correct discharge of the rainwater into the groundwater or into a public body of water. An important basis for this is the subsoil expertise. In consultation with the authorities, specialised planning offices develop feasible plans.
Here, too, we can establish contact with such specialist offices.


In the site plan, the buildings and structures are shown to scale on the plot with the distance of the buildings from each other and from the plot boundaries.
EQUUS DESIGN PLANUNG usually prepares the site plan.
If building encumbrances, plot unifications, boundary determinations or exemptions are necessary, an official site plan must be drawn up by a publicly appointed surveyor.

Cooperation partner

EQUUS DESIGN PLANNING works hand-in-hand with various specialist engineers and experts to provide holistic solutions to get your project off the ground with the highest level of expertise.

You can find a list of our partners here:

– Construction documents
– Cost determination

– Profitability calculations
– Business plans

– Hydraulics
– Drainage concepts

– Expert fire protection

– Landscape conservation plans
– Compensatory measures


– Landscape conservation plans
– Compensatory measures
– Species protection assessments


– Specialist in administrative law and agricultural law