Step by step to your riding facility

Here we present the individual phases with which we can support you and get your project started together.


Impressions become ideas
Our first on-site meeting is about working out the greatest possible design scope for your project. We examine the site in terms of the desired development as well as the possibility in terms of access, accessibility and topography, existing flora and applicable legislation.
We know from experience: Not everything is possible, but there is a solution for almost everything. We will tell you honestly what is feasible. And then let us tackle your project together.


The foundation for your building project
After a thorough assessment of the basics, we will draw up a master plan for you. This plan on a scale of 1:500 provides an overview of all buildings, paths and open spaces, including existing buildings, if available.
The master plan serves as the foundation for your building project and as a coherent overall concept for an initial discussion with the building authority. On this basis, we collect ideas, examine alternative solutions and leave room for your individual wishes. Get excited for the next step – the preliminary design planning.


Your project is starting to take shape…
In this planning phase, we develop a drawing solution for you on a scale of 1:200, taking into account design, functional, technical and economic requirements.
Based on the master plan, we develop floor plans and elevations.
This is where the facility gets a “face”. In this planning and design phase, there is very close cooperation between the client and the planner.
The preliminary design is part of the preliminary building application and the basis for the next service phase, the blue print planning.


Your project is becoming real
On request, we can visualise your equestrian facility in 3D.
With our powerful computer programmes and dedicated staff, we develop a three-dimensional representation that gives you a photorealistic view of your project already during the planning phase.
Colour concepts, integration into the landscape, dimensions and materials used convey a feeling for the external effect of your riding facility.
A 3–5-minute short film gives you the opportunity to virtually move around your riding facility. Impressions, viewing angles, incidence of light, etc. make your project a reality even before construction begins.


This project phase is only applicable for the German market. We work with long standing partner, who are familiar with the local building legislations, in all other countries.


With expertise and attention to detail
The basis for the design planning is the preliminary design planning.
The result of this planning phase is a realisable design drawing – including all floor plans, elevations and sections on a scale of 1:100.
You receive a detailed insight into the interior layout of the building.
Functions and processes become visible in their practicality, economy and aesthetics.


The procedure of applying for building permission is in the hands of your local architect who is familiar with the specific requirements of your country. We will provide digital files according to the international standards to the architect.
Needless to say, we will gladly assist you with any questions you may have in this project phase.